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Kaligmo's Quest (and other little incoherent games!)

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

During the summer, I usually teach a few classes to kids at a tech summer camp. Some of these are coding or photoshop-esq classes to get kids acquainted with the basics of programming and art. There are a few others classes that have to do with game design-- usually I'm just thrown into the classes with a few tutorials to go off of if I don't have a rudimentary background on the subject. Obviously the kids need to see some sort of example of what they'll be creating, so this post is just the "examples" I quickly made before the classes began. They're cheap, use a ton of old 90's Nintendo/Genesis/Playstation 1 era music and sounds, and I dare anyone to try to navigate the bugs and beat them! Remember to double jump in the 2D games. These games have also been used as part of two legendary "Arcade Master" events on the TNA Server. Kaligmo's Quest (2D Platformer Made with GameMaker)- DOWNLOAD

Broventure (2D Platformer Made with GameMaker)- DOWNLOAD Wizard Quest (3D Adventure-Platformer Made with Unity)- DOWNLOAD

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