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In late 2014, Machinima's "Happy Hour" animation division was hastily throwing things at the wall to see what would gain popularity. They asked me to create a pilot animation that wasn't about a specific game, but a genre of games. Having less than a month to get this done, I chose a fantasy-MMORPG for the setting and gathered a few voice actors (including Kevan Brighting) to do the lines. 3 more episodes were planned out, but the series ended up being shelved due to other major projects at the time. Created in Adobe Animate.



After The Noob Adventures concluded, a lot of people wanted to know what was next. I ended up working on TSC just to try something a little different- specifically taking real-life stories that had happened in the TNA Game Server and animating them in different styles. The result was a pilot based on abandoned books we found written by players. This was a ton of fun to voice act for! A few more episodes are still planned (some of the audio is recorded), but I was hired to work on Wild Diamonds (below) and for now it is shelved.



After the TSC Pilot, I was asked by Element Animation to create a short series. Wild Diamonds was the result! 3 episodes were completed before Youtube's algorithm changed and wanted 15 minute episodes instead of the typical 5 minute.

Peach and her grandmother are being evicted from their home unless they come up with the rent for their landlord. The young girl sneaks out of her grandmother's house and goes on a journey to find diamonds, only to get lost in the process and slowly finding herself entangled in a lot more than she expected!
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